Tuesday, December 11, 2018

About Bzz Agent and Bzz Blog


Bzz Agent“Bzz agents receive things in order to tell others about them.”

What is a "Bzz Agent" and what is this Bzz Blog all about?

Bzz is a company that operates a "word of mouth" system for goods and products.

Bzz agents receive products, services or discounts towards products and services in order to tell others about them.

The idea is to talk to family, friends, colleagues, the Internet, THE WORLD and finally Bzz. You let others know how good (or bad) things are and the original company gets feed back and extra exposure.

This is something that the family_furie has been doing for several years now, so it seemed logical to also add appropriate campaigns onto the website. This helps us increase our word of mouth as a Bzz Agent, but it also gives our readers the chance to learn about new products, and perhaps to even grab some bargains through Bzz Agent.

If you're interested in becoming a Bzz Agent, then click here for more details.



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