Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Top toy predictions for Christmas 2012?


Best sellers 2012? Hopefully not Furby...“Nobody (especially me) would ever pay for that load of rubbish.”

Anyone had any hints this year about what will be the sell out toy?

Without fail, each Christmas has the one "must have" toy that is always sold out in November. What on Earth will it be this year though?

We've usually had some good ideas (read: "I WANT" from in front of the television) by this time of the year. You start to get an inkling of what the little darlings desire and can start shaking your head thinking "nobody (especially me) would ever pay for that load of rubbish".

Then sure as anything, the desire doesn't die down, the adverts come thicker and faster and before you know it, you're importing from a limited stock in Spain and hoping that the order you placed on 22nd December can make it in time. There's bloodlust in the queues for Toys R Us as a new batch appears on Christmas Eve and you snag that prized, hard to get "load of rubbish". We know then the joy it brings on Christmas morning, and the dust it has gathered by lunch time. I'm sure that the stress is all worthwhile.

This year though, I'm at a loss. I've not really had anything "new" hit the radar so far. Peter Jackson will be hoping that a massive push of "The Hobbit" toys will be a hit, but they'll be bargain bucket items come February, unloved and unsold through the holiday season.

Mattel tried a new version of the "interactive toy" last year with "Fijit Friends", a kind of cross between a Furby and a dancing flower. This year they have a more pocket sized (and purse friendly) "Yippets" range. They don't seem to do enough though, or have enough variation to be that special hit. It seems that kids love a wide range of choice of not just colours, but actual designs of these things. While it may be much easier for Mattel to have a single mould and poor in different coloured plastics, it limits potential appeal of a wide variety of shapes and designs. So...

There's always Furby, hoping to make a 21st Century comeback it "smart phone" interactive features. They're still as ugly as ever though, which means the kids will love them. Of course, the kids will also have to prize away their parental unit from their smart phone, which when you're updating Facebook about how much you hate sprouts, may be a difficult task.

That leads on nicely to what is probably going to be the actual big seller. Want to be like Mummy and Daddy? You need a Tablet (no, not a Mother's Little Helper ;) ), but a Kurio or one of the other "kid toughened" tablets out this year. Ranging from anywhere from £85 (for the simpler Leappad 2 or InnoTab 2) to £150 for the Kurio, it's certainly your "main present" sorted. The Kurio is a fully fledged Android based tablet too, so it's got an added appeal if the household is currently tabletless.

Sadly, that's not exactly a "toy", so I'm right back where I started... Just what is it going to be this year?  Please, please, please not that ugly, furry parrot monstrosity though...

Here are Amazon's predictions, I'm not convinced...

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