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When Vikings Attack - PS3 Review


When Vikings Attack“Making your way through wave after wave of horn helmeted vandals.”

Review of the very silly new game available to download on the PS3 - When Vikings Attack.

Do you remember when back int he 1970's, those pesky vikings invaded? No? Well read on...

Developer "Clever Beans" seems to remember it well, and has made a game out of the incident. Of course, it's more than likely just some late night nightmare brought on by a rotten fish pizza and too much bacon, but we have the game anyway and what a corker it is.

The premise is simple. Hordes of Vikings have attacked your local town and are set on a lads weekend of rape and pillage, as they do. However, the shy and retiring townsfolk aren't too keen and have set up a vigilante group to counter the Nordic attack force.

To do this, they stand around in a circle and pick up anything they can find (traffic cones, bins, telephone boxes, cars, bombs, next door's cat - just generally the stuff lying around any main street or weapons dump). They then lob the thing at the a similiarly arranged group of Vikings, who are ready to chuck stuff back.

It's game play at it's most simple. Pick up stuff, chuck it, dodge stuff chucked at you, get more stuff to chuck. It's such brilliant fun though, making your way through wave after wave of horn helmeted vandals (weren't they from Germany? ;) ) lobbing things at them never seems to get old.

Your group can get thinned out though as they take hits from the Norse, but luckily there are always new townsfolk passing by, ready to join in. Some of them, like the baseball player or weightlifter, add extra bonuses to your team of frantic pitchers.

There are around 8 locations in all to play through and unlock, but the single player game really is the tip of the iceberg.

It's a fantastic, frantic and utterly stupid multi-player frenzy. One of those games that will have you screaming in either fury or delight as you win/lose a round to a well thrown wheelchair. It's rare that people can capture a simple, but blindingly fun multi-player game and When Vikings Attack does it with aplomb. Three individual "death match" style games and co-op main game play too. Though it's unlikely you'll ever get out of one of the death match modes as yelling "eat toilet" every time you throw a portaloo at Minor_Furie I'm sure never gets annoying ;)

What's more, if you live in Europe and have perhaps had a recent upset due to Viking invasion (say, within the last 1300 years or so), you can pre-order the game today and get 30% off (£5.49 in the UK, €6.99 in the rest of Europe). The game is due to be officially released on 7th November 2012. There is a trial available on the 7th too, but you lose the discount unfortunately.
 It's also a "cross-play" game, which means that if you buy it once, you get it for both the PS3 and the PS Vita - bargain if you have both.

If you want a simple game that is no-nonsense, mindless fun then this is for you. It's stupid, it's pointless and it's just fantastically simple to play. Highly recommended for everyone, unless you're still reeling from either the 1970's or a bad fish pizza.

Review/Preview based on the demo - the full game promises even MORE mayhem, which is a good thing.

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