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  •   “If it's completely stupid, you'll find it here somewhere..” A review of the most bizarre, yet hilarious program to grace the screens in years. Welcome to the latest obsession of the Family_Furie.
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No Facebook in the playground


No Facebook inthe Schoolyard“Social media should be used as a way of gauging how your brand is perceived, not as a way of enforcing a brand.”

Parents sent to see the head, because of their behaviour?

There's nothing worse than being sent to see the head. It's bad as a child, and worse as a parent because of your child's behaviour. How about for YOUR behaviour in a Facebook conversation? Too far?



Toy Sale at Sainsbury's (starts Wednesday)


Sainsburys Toy Sale“Put on your fighting gear, it's time to battle for those half price bargains”

Once a year, Sainsbury's put on a spectacle. The half price toy sale brings out the worst in mums across the country. Fighting tooth and nail to grab those bargains.

Unlike previous years though, this year it's not a blanket sweep of all toys for half price, some toys are just a third or even a quarter off.

Still, it's well worth heading down to you local store as early as possible on Wednesday 24th October 2012 to grab yourself a bargain.

There will also be limited items available online - Click Here (when it goes live)



Skylanders Giants

Skylanders Giants“More addictive to an eight year old than oxygen”

Skylanders Giants - this year's big Christmas hit? Check out our review.

Twelve months ago, Activision tentatively put
out "Spyro's" Skylanders. This year, it's over-sized.

Blog Posts

Furie's Blog

A blast from the past


The Family_Furie“An epic in the making”

Time to celebrate 7 years, with a new, almost HD update.

Near enough seven years ago, I made a film. I've always wanted to make a film and this was it.


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