Thursday, October 19, 2017
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  •   “Then you die. And die. And die..” Review of Don't Starve on the PS4. Don't Starve is a conversion of a a PC Indie game from last year, and one of those oddity titles I tend to adore.
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Bzz Blog

About Bzz Agent and Bzz Blog


Bzz Agent“Bzz agents receive things in order to tell others about them.”

What is a "Bzz Agent" and what is this Bzz Blog all about?

Bzz is a company that operates a "word of mouth" system for goods and products.



Tokyo Jungle


Tokyo Jungle“It's pure arcade fun brought pounding up to the modern day.”

Who let the dogs out? Sony PSN game Tokyo Jungle Review.

I recently had a rant on the Internet about rinse and repeat and re-release games.

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Moshi Madness


Moshi Monsters“It's a fantastic money vacuum, fantastically executed”

Moshi Monsters are huge and getting bigger, but why?

You know you're old when you no longer understand why kids like certain things. Moshi Monsters are my coffin nail.

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Furie's Blog

Top toy predictions for Christmas 2012?


Best sellers 2012? Hopefully not Furby...“Nobody (especially me) would ever pay for that load of rubbish.”

Anyone had any hints this year about what will be the sell out toy?

Without fail, each Christmas has the one "must have" toy that is always sold out in November. What on Earth will it be this year though?


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