Month: November 2009

A. Mazing Monster Series

A. Mazing Monsters


A. Mazing Monsters“The monsters have a tendency to escape and to wreak havoc across the world.”

A series of books that really are actually amazing.

In 1977, a ten year old Christopher Slater drew four monsters. His father, Jim, wrote stories based around them. So was born the A. Mazing Monsters series of books.

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Plasticine“For me, Plasticine will always remain the most flexible and perfect modelling clay”

Plasticine – A well manipulated toy review.

Hot on the heels of James May, we’re here to see if Plasticine still has a place in the world of today’s kids.

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James May’s Toy Stories

James May's Toy Stories


James May's Toy Stories“James May manages to do two things which I think are much missing today: community and real play.”

James May’s Toy Stories – BBC TV Series Review.

Who is James May? Well, he made his face known as one of the new presenters on the new format Top Gear – not a bad place to show you’re cool with this millennium’s light entertainment crowd. Other than that though, James May is just “a nice bloke”.

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Disney/Pixar’s “Up”

Disney/Pixar's Up


Disney/Pixar's Up“It’s about an old fart in a floating house, a boy scout and a bird called Kevin.”

Disney/Pixar’s “Up” film review.

While I’m not one to automatically think that anything Pixar produces has to be immediately fantastic – I do always look forward to the latest from this Disney hot-house of talent. Even their worst films tend to put everything all the other film manufacturers are doing to shame.

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Drayton Manor Park 31-10-09

Drayton Manor Park

 Drayton Manor Park“If you have youngsters, the park still remains an excellent (if wearing) day out.”

Drayton Manor Park – Halloween/Fireworks Spectacular! 31st October 2009

The theme park season may be over now, but it went out with a bang – certainly at Drayton Manor Park.

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Going, Going, go go gone!

Mr Squiggles.

 Mr Squiggles. Sorry Mr Squiggles, but we hate you already!

Go Go Pets Hamster Shortage!

Have you managed to grab one of these pesky little critters yet? Neither have thousands of others as this years hit toy runs into short supply.

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The Family_Furie


logo “The punctuation devices are vital. It’s always-a-hyphen-before-the-last-bit-of-description-then-an-underscore_furie.”

I have no idea why, but it’s important.

So? Who are “The Family_Furie”? Well, the tale starts many years ago with… A Hamster.

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