Going, Going, go go gone!

 Mr Squiggles. Sorry Mr Squiggles, but we hate you already!

Go Go Pets Hamster Shortage!

Have you managed to grab one of these pesky little critters yet? Neither have thousands of others as this years hit toy runs into short supply.

You can always tell there’s a problem when a £10 self-propelled rodent is going for over £35 on e-bay! Just like every new band seems to be “the next Beatles”, each year we are subjected to “the next Tellytubbies toy shortage”.

It’s a shame there is due to be such disappointment this Christmas. Firstly from all the boys and girls whose parents couldn’t find the elusive hamsters, secondly from the parents who did! Blood, sweat, toil and a fast “bid finger” means they have managed to pay over the odds for a toy with roughly five minute’s play value.

The name of our own personal disappointment? Mr Squiggles!!!

The Go Go Hamsters site is being updated regularly to try and help out, all we can suggest to help is to keep on checking back there and hope you’re lucky enough to find one available somewhere.

Click here for the Go Go Hamsters Site

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