Plasticine“For me, Plasticine will always remain the most flexible and perfect modelling clay”

Plasticine – A well manipulated toy review.

Hot on the heels of James May, we’re here to see if Plasticine still has a place in the world of today’s kids.

For many years now, it seems as though Plasticine has been shunned. It’s been elevated to the heady heights of Oscar winning animation teams only – forgotten as a child’s favourite from the local newsagents.

It started with the usurper for the crown of “best kid’s modelling material”, Play-Doh. This new kids on the block seemed to go from strength to strength -despite its obvious flaws.

For me, Plasticine will always remain the most flexible and perfect modelling clay. It’s pliable enough to mould easily, but will hold its own weight (as long as it’s not too large or too hot). It will pretty much always remain in the shape it is originally moulded. Play-Doh (and “Soft Stuff”) tend to bend and droop.

So, what did we test here? What else other than a standard cardboard pack, with several corrugated strips of Plasticine – just like we used to have. It’s a real testament to James May that he seems to have brought Plasticine back to the forefront of toy shops – I’ve not seen Plasticine for sale like this for years (not seen, doesn’t mean not available).

How do you test Plasticine then? Easily, you take three children of different ages, give them some Plasticine and see what they can come up with.

Models created by children aged 4, 13 and 36

 As you can see, there is a certain quality that Plasticine has which can’t be repeated as well  by other modelling clays. Shapes come much easier to the hand, and the Plasticine is more than happy to stick to other Plasticine parts and to make solid models.

Did we have fun? Yes, a considerable amount actually. The models are now on proud display and shown to visiting dignitaries (well, Grandparents generally).

If you’re looking for a good stocking filler this Christmas, I couldn’t recommend Plasticine enough.

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