Month: December 2009

Let the eggman help protect your kids on the PS3 this Christmas

Did you know there is a website dedicated to helping you protect your kids while they use the PS3?

Did you know it’s a colourful (if a little bizarre) eggman who does it?

I thought not, but it’s true 🙂

Lots of really useful tips for adding security, parental controls, Trend Micro’s PS3 browser security and controls, etc, etc, etc.

An absolute must read if you have a PS3 and children who use it.

Head over to watch the bizarre eggman here:

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Pontins Southport “Christmas Holiday”

Southport Holiday 2009Follow this link to read the post.


Southport Holiday 2009“The front door comes ready kicked in for you.”

A review of the “wonderful world” of Xmas Pontins.

We were invited by Pontins for a free holiday over the weekend before Christmas. Let it not be said that we’re cheapskates, but free?

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Rabbit Tragedy

Sadly, last night, I discovered that out two bunnies – Hermy and Izzy – had been attacked by a fox. It’s always upsetting when a pet dies, but particularly so when it’s so sudden and two of them.

Both rabbits were full of character and lived a happy life. The garden shed (undermined by their burrowing) will certainly never recover.

So it’s farewell to the last of the Lop-eared Lagomorphs of Lucifer, or “the evils” as they became known (for their evil and nefarious ways).

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InvizimalsFollow this link to read the post.


Invizimals“Seeing an Invizimal appear for the first time on the kitchen table is quite magical.”

Review of Invizimals: one of the first “augmented reality” games released.

Invizimals is a new twist on the classic creature “collect and fight” genre. Essentially it’s the Sony version of Pokémon, but with a twist.

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