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Bzz Campaign Handy Cans“Most of the mums I know buy 3 cans from poundland when they treat their children.”

Bzz Campaign for Handy Cans.

The new handy cans are a smaller 250ml can of drink (Pepsi Max, Tango or 7UP). How are they?



From Bzz:

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Enjoy a can of fizzy when you need a quick boost between meals , but don’t want to drink as much as the standard 330ml can. The new handy 250ml size of Pepsi Max, Tango, and 7UP is the perfect size for when you’re after a quick thirst quench. Plus they’re lighter so easier to carry around when out and about and handy for packed lunches, picnics and handbags. You’ll enjoy the new multi-packs too – because they’re smaller we can give you more cans for the same great price, meaning more great servings for the family.”



I took some handy cans to the playground because it was a warm day and I thought it would be nice to go to the park after school. The children were impressed with the smaller size of the cans, which they think is cute! I handed some vouchers out to mums. The tango and 7-up are 33 in tesco at the moment which I think is a great price for ten cans. Most of the mums I know buy 3 cans from poundland when they treat their children with the occasional drink of fizzy pop, and this compares well with that price but can be bought more easily along with the weekly shop without having to go into town to visit a pound shop. The smaller cans are more popular because none of the children would drink a whole can. The only negative comment about the handycans is that tango is not available in a diet variety.

Bzz Campaign

Handy Cans are available at most Tesco stores right now.


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