Month: November 2012

Early Learning Centre 25% discount!

Elc - Early Learning Centre

Elc - Early Learning CentreGet those Christmas toys now.

ELC offering 25% online discount!.

To help with those Christmas toy purchase, ELC (Early Learning Centre) are offering a 25% discount code for their online stores.

The code is simply SANTA25 at the checkout and include toys from Mothercare too. The offer runs until December 5th 2012

More information here

For those in Stafford, the Guildhall ELC is due to shut on Friday 30th November. Get down there for some clearance items!

Free comic today with your sweets

Free Whizzer and Chips

Free Whizzer and ChipsRead all about it: Free Whizzer and Chips!

Order some sweets, and get the first ever Whizzer and Chips for free.

To celebrate their birthday, A Quarter Of (a fantastic online shop for old school sweets) is giving away freebies, just for today.

Read more, or head over to A Quarter Of

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Making Pudding (Dessert)

Making Pudding



Making a quick and easy dessert – The Family_Furie way.

Following is a video instruction on how to make a delicious ginger, banana and custard dessert in about five minutes.

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Nutty Fluffies – A rollercoaster of a review (iOS/Android)

Nutty Fluffies

Nutty FluffiesThough being cute and fluffy, they don’t die horribly

Nutty Fluffies: review of this fun, physics based coaster/animal game.

After making a hardcore motorbike game and frolicking truck racing game, what could RedLynx games do next? How about sticking fluffy animals on roller coasters and hoping you don’t crash them? Yes, makes sense to us too…

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When Vikings Attack – PS3 Review

When Vikings Attack

When Vikings AttackMaking your way through wave after wave of horn helmeted vandals.

Review of the very silly new game available to download on the PS3 – When Vikings Attack.

Do you remember when back in the 1970’s, those pesky vikings invaded? No? Well read on…

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