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Skylanders Giants figures cheap @ Asda

Cheap Skylanders

Cheap SkylandersRange is limited though

3 for 2 on selected Skylanders at Asda

Asda are currently doing in store specials on Skylanders giants. 3 for 2 (£18) on the normal sized figures, and the Giants for £13 each. Get down to your local store now and suck up a bargain.

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Lego Lord of the Rings

Lego Lord of the Rings

Lego Lord of the RingsIt’s absolutely stunning, and if you’re a fan of the films, then it really is an absolute must buy.

Review of Lego Lord of the Rings Video Game.

I’ve been trying to crack on with Lego Lord of the Rings and it’s a difficult game to review indeed.

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When Vikings Attack – PS3 Review

When Vikings Attack

When Vikings AttackMaking your way through wave after wave of horn helmeted vandals.

Review of the very silly new game available to download on the PS3 – When Vikings Attack.

Do you remember when back in the 1970’s, those pesky vikings invaded? No? Well read on…

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Tokyo Jungle

Tokyo Jungle


Tokyo Jungle“It’s pure arcade fun brought pounding up to the modern day.”

Who let the dogs out? Sony PSN game Tokyo Jungle Review.

I recently had a rant on the Internet about rinse and repeat and re-release games.

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Virtual Building Blocks

Sony Move


Sony Move“Don’t get me wrong, I think PS Move is a great product. It works well and has some good games”

Virtual building blocks? What about real toys? Silly Sony..

So Sony has jumped onto the “motion game” bandwagon (ignoring here they invented it)…

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Sony EyePet


Sony EyePet“You’re left wondering if you need to flap around on the floor like a dead fish”

Sony’s EyePet – virtually a good review.

In October, Sony released their attempt at capturing the Nintendogs market share for the PS3. Their plan? Make the pet actually live in your home.

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